To have MORE, do LESS

Are you successful but know you are capable of more?

Have you hit a plateau in your business and you are ready for your next vision?

Would you like to increase your productivity and have more time?

Most people believe in order to have more, you have to do more. You need to fill your calendar, say Yes to all the opportunities that come your way, work hard. Most people believe a sign of success is how busy you are.

What if I told you the opposite?

In order to have MORE, you need to do LESS.

There is an ancient model that can help you make more money, have more time and challenge the way you think to help you reach your next level.

Welcome to ZEN MEN
Where the ancient wisdom of ZEN meets peak performance

"We have new clients coming onboard...a new sense of identity in who we are."

René Archner CEO René’s Kombucha 

"Tony has helped me uncover and slowly remove the shadow that was stopping me."

Jason Seaward CEO SyncroStaff Services 

Meet Tony Bonnici
Founder of ZEN MEN

I help men have more while doing less.

I'm a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience. After 10 years, I started to lose my connection, spark, and passion. My relationships with my wife and kids started to suffer, but I thought working harder would fix it. I missed almost all of the first 3 years of my eldest son’s life.

I'll never forget one morning saying goodbye to my son as I was getting ready to leave for a month of business travel. Both of us were in tears and my wife begged me not to leave. I realized as I drove to the airport that something had to change. There had to be a better way. I realized a successful business life was not enough on its own – I wanted success in my whole life.

It was then I remembered my ZEN and martial arts training. I was raised in a ZEN temple and studied Judo and martial arts for 10 years, competing at the Junior Olympics. During that time, I learned the way of ZEN, that of simplicity and focus.

I went back to my roots and brought ZEN to my business.

Today, I live in Hawaii, work part-time, and make a multiple 6-figure income. I spend more time with my wife and boys than ever before.

I help men use ZEN to increase their profits and challenge the way they think to reach their next level. If this sounds like you, let's get ZEN.


ZEN MEN get results

In just three months, Brent grew his business by 49% and opened a third location.

Chance went from earning less than $40,000 per year to earning $47,000 in just three months.

In 3 months, Tony lost more than 10 inches off his waist, started a new coaching and a consulting company, and landed his first corporate client.

Jason went from $2.1 million to $3 million in 1 year AND created more time to spend with his four boys.

Forrest, a real estate agent in Hawaii, had a house on the market for more than four years. Within 3 months of working with Tony, Forrest sold the house for $1.2M.

When Bruce started working with Tony, his company had two stores. He is now opening 13 more locations in New Zealand, is expanding into London, and was featured in the New Zealand Herald.