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Welcome to Zen Men

The Ancient Wisdom of Zen Meets Peak Physical Performance 

Can You Relate?

  • Do you feel bored with the traditional model of success?
  • Have you been there, done that, and know there is more?
  • Do you want clarity and focus in your life and support to make it happen? 
  • Are you tired of playing small?
  • Do you know that in order to go to the next level, you’re going to have to do things differently?
  • Are you ready to step into the power of integrated leadership? That means being a leader in more than the workplace, but in your home, in connection with your body, and with your spirit.

Everyone Thinks Of Changing The World, But No One Thinks Of Changing Himself. ~ Leo Tolstoy

"I’m on a completely different trajectory from when I started Zen Men four and a half months ago. I’m doing a completely different thing for a completely different audience in a completely different way than I would have been able to conceptualize just a few months ago... Just from initial meetings with Tony, everything is different and I’m seeing this completely different path. It’s hard to even conceptualize how much has changed since I started this journey. "

-Jim Hood Mobile Computer Doctor 

"My experience with Tony.. has been one of support and challenge...I was just hungry for some guidance and I have and am receiving that on a continuous basis...We have new clients coming onboard...a new sense of identity in who we are."

René Archner CEO René’s Kombucha 

"I started to become more free. I started really reaching for my potential. Creating…exactly... what I wanted in my future. The processes that he’s put me through have helped me starting to achieve that.  

Tony has helped me uncover and slowly remove the shadow that was stopping me."

Jason Seaward CEO SyncroStaff Services 

Tony's Clients Get Results....  

In just three months, one client working with Tony grew their business by 49% and opened a third location.

Another client went from earning less than $40,000 per year to earning it in just three months of working together.

Since joining Zen Men, one client has lost over 100 lbs and more than 10 inches off his waist, started a new coaching and a consulting company and has now been serving as a coach to his first corporate client for more than six months.

Jason has clarity on his mission and is growing his company along with finding more time for his family, his four boys. He now sees how he can do both without sacrificing one for the other.

Forrest, a real estate agent in Hawaii, had a house on the market for more than four years. Forrest sold the house for $1.2M within three months of starting in one of Tony's men's circles.

Since joining Zen Men, a client had his start-up company funded AND stated that if learning to meditate regularly was the only thing he got out of joining, it was worth more than twice what he paid for the program.

When Bruce started working with Tony, his company had two stores. He is now set to open 13 more locations in New Zealand, is getting ready to expand into India, and was featured in the New Zealand Herald.

I have now been a successful entrepreneur for over 25 years. However, after 10 years of being an entrepreneur, I started to lose my connection, spark and passion for business. My relationships outside business started to suffer, but I drove onward and increased my performance again. I worked and traveled constantly and missed almost all of the first 3 years of his eldest son’s life.  

In 2010 I said goodbye to my son for a month of business travel. Both of us were in tears at my son’s bedside, and Amber, my wife begged me not to leave. I realized as I drove to the airport that something had to change. There had to be better way. I realized that a successful business life was not enough on its own – I wanted success in my whole life. I wanted to be a successful leader at home and as a husband, father and son as well – I wanted to be an integrated leader.  

Today, I live in Hawaii and work 2 days a week, 3 weeks a month and take 2 months off every year and make a multiple 6-figure income. I have a better relationship with my wife and two sons than ever before. I make the boys’ lunches and do back flips on the trampoline with them both. I am also now fulfilling a lifelong dream that I once thought was impossible by creating a school to help dyslexic, ADD and OCD children in Hawaii.  

I help men increase their profits and challenge them to dream bigger and create the impossible in all areas of their lives.

If you are a high achiever and this sounds like you, then let’s have a conversation….  

Aloha, Tony

You Never Change Things By Fighting The Existing Reality. To Change Something, Build A New Model That Makes The Existing Model Obsolete. ~ Buckminster Fuller

What to Expect from this Six-Month Program

  • Clarity in Your Mission and Action Plan
  • Richer Relationships with Family, Friends & Those That Support You
  • A Healthier, Stronger Body
  • A Daily Routine for Optimal Performance
  • The Confidence that comes from a Connection with Your Inner Wisdom
  • Extraordinary Business Results

Why Train for Peak Performance in Zen Men?

  • Through challenging yourself on a daily basis physically, you get to see how you’re showing up in other areas of your life
  • You will challenge yourself and you will face your fears physically, emotionally and spiritually. By moving through those fears you will get new levels of insight. You will notice that how you do one thing is how you do everything.
  • If you show up training physically, taking care of your body, that’s how you will show up in your relationships, in your spiritual practice, and in your work
  • Why? Once you complete an event that you thought you couldn’t do, or that wasn’t even possible, there’s a sense of accomplishment and you see yourself showing up as a person that completed something that scared him
  • Continual training at your peak performance enhances your growth in all other areas of your life

What this Program Includes

  • Your Personalized Zen Men Plan created during a one hour 1:1 session with Tony
  • Three 1-Hour Group Training Calls per Month for Six Months
  • Customized monthly training programs to help you reach optimal physical health with three-month and six-month goals, tracking and support - includes a 30-minute initial diagnostic call with our trainer
  • Training to develop your next level Spiritual practice, no matter your background of level of experience
  • Private Facebook group to hold you accountable, support and inspire you
  • Application required - limited to 10 committed, inspiring, highly curated men
  • Begins January 2019

When the mind, body, and spirit work as one, anything is possible. ~ Tony Bonnici

This is NOT for you if...

  • You aren’t willing to invest time, energy and resources in your next level of growth.
  • You want to stay comfortable. We’re going lean into your edge… and it won’t be comfortable.
  • You think you already know the answers and aren’t willing to be open or listen to new ideas.

Successful Leaders have the courage to take action while others hesitate ~ John Maxwell

It's time to embrace the full potential of who you are.

Ready to be part of a new breed of men?